Planning for Perfection

Hey there all you DIY brides!We are sitting here on a gloomy afternoon just trying to think of how we can help you plan for perfection. The moment we started thinking, guess what popped up on our IG? Our fabulous friends over at Weekend Wedding Warriors partnered up with Riley + Ko to bring you a free Bride checklist. Oh how our vendor friends are so wonderful. here’s the link:

This got me thinking even further. How else can we help our brides plan? What are our brides looking for , what help do they need, what do they want to see the most of ? So many questions and so little answer so, “help us help you” and comment on our post with what you would like to see and how we can help you. We want your BIG day to be planned to perfection so whether you need help with vendor connection, inspiration on design, or merely just some good old fashion wedding advise we are willing to be there for you. Oh and did we mention if your looking for a day of coordinator Weekend Wedding Warriors are always a top pick! They know how to execute your plans and dream up a seamless day!

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