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Well the Starbucks release of the PSL and College football is the official signs its about to be FALL Ya’LL. Each season we have a whole new set of trends to discuss but this time I wanted to touch on what looks great in our space as well as whats HOT.

If your booked or looking to book The Henry Clay I have the insight on what color scheme, and design elements go great in our space.


Velvet- always trending in my mind, and should you want to go this route at Henry Clay find a warm color to go with our ballrooms. My favorites…..

For our Grand Ballroom I love velvet Blush, Beige, Oatmeal, Rose or Tamarind

(see images below for reference )

For our Beaux Arts Ballroom : All colors above work great but do not be afraid to dive into more moody colors in this space such as Sage, emerald or navy


What to pair it with?

After you find the perfect selection of linen, now you can select your style centerpieces. There are 3 main types of centerpieces : Candles, Flowers, or Greenery

Our space is always the perfect back drop for candle light but lets review some new ways to create this look.

Our space is timeless and so is the use of taper candles. No worries about our open flame policy, there are plenty of flame-less versions online to buy. Take a peak at some stylish versions of the classic candlestick and PLEASE think about using a colored candle!


Not a fan of the flame-less candles, here are some other stunning ways to use candles.

Geometric Gold trim lanterns– Trade in the old black lantern for a fun new mix. Play with an arrangement of different styles to create a cluster centerpiece

Glass Enclosed candlesticks– Solves your problem of not liking the flame-less candle in a stylish way 😉

A Candle Entrance- Wanting to create some suspense, give your guests a dramatic entrance leading into the Ballroom with candles and greenery!


Lets move into flowers, now I am NO florist but I have seen my fair share of centerpieces and bouquets.   I have rounded up some inspiration pictures that incorporate what I am loving and will still give you that classical feel to tie into our historic space. Usage of foliage and wildflowers , a less conformed and more freeing version of arrangements.  Orchids, oh where do i start. Pairing these with a garden rose is perfection. Tulips- Tall or short, pink or white, all the same stunner option!


Lastly Greenery, but not in the normal green garland kind of way. We love lush and tall greenery centerpieces. Also Pampas Grass….. Before you say NO take a peak at some sophisticated approaches to incorporating this, it may just change your mind


Now how can we put this all together you ask? Take a peak at my sample combos below, feel free to leave your comment!

Combo 1- are you Modern and whimsical

Combo 2- are you gem toned + playful

Combo 3- are you organic + lush


Combo 4- Are you Romantic + Rustic

Combo 5- Are you sophisticated + Classic

That’s all for today but looking to be back in a couple months to chat winter, and how you can warm up your guests! Just a reminder, this blog is here for you so feel free to leave a comment with what you want to hear from us.

Until next post <3

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