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Staying warm? We are heading into winter faster then we all may want and I can not stop searching  Southern comfort meals and fall flavored candles on Pinterest. There is just something about the little warm aromas that make this season so enjoyable. From the PSL at Starbucks to the Pumpkin everything at Trader Joes, its all giving us the feeling of sweet and pure happiness. This got me thinking, how can my brides create this same comfort in their special day? I mean if we love the sound of pumpkin bread and caramel apples, how can we transition those cravings into a more formal affair? If we all Love the comfort why would we not want that on the most special day ?

Its Simple! Create the comfort by adding those southern classics into your Food & Beverage! I know you have heard this before…. but we have some great ideas and suggestions on how to keep you up to date with all the trends in Weddings while staying unique.

Photo Cred: The Talking Kitchen       The Candid Apetite    Jose Villa/Martha Stewart Weddings

From start to finish find fun and comforting foods that fill the air with those fall aromas you dream about all year

  1. Try These Appetizers:  Fried Mac and Cheese bites with Truffle Salt, Butternut Squash Soup with Grilled Cheese Bites, Fried Chicken + Biscuits with Maple Jam
  2. Leave your guests with a full stomach and lasting impression with these fun                                      Food/Drink pairing Late Night Snacks: Cinnamon Donut Fritters with Hot Apple Cider ,  Sweet Potato Fries with marshmallow dipping sauce + Pumpkin Beer, Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels with Harvest Shandy Beer Cocktail.
  3. Set the Bar and add a signature cocktail that knocks their socks off with fall flavors ,                       Try These: Bourbon Maple Leaf , Apple Pie Moscow Mule, Apple Cider Bellini, Honey Winter Bourbon Cocktail.
  4. Go unconventional and incorporate your favorite food truck or Food Bar – Have them only serve or display their fall flavored menu items!- Donut Truck, Taco truck, Pizza Truck  FALL TRUCK!

Some more fun and unique ways to create comfort:

  1. Scarfs for Bridesmaid Gifts
  2. Have comfortable seating, either couches for ceremony or lounge area in Reception and Add some Family Style seating and service to the Reception.
  3. Lots of Candles, you can never feel cold and out of place by candle light!
  4. Instead of a jacket, Grab a Blanket
  5. Throw a pillow on it… Pillows always warm a place up
  6. Dress up your table top with cozy fabrics/textiles – Use velvets, fur and chunky knit !

Until Next time, stay cozy and keep planning

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