New Season New Trends


Well the Starbucks release of the PSL and College football is the official signs its about to be FALL Ya’LL. Each season we have a whole new set of trends to discuss but this time I wanted to touch on what looks great in our space as well as whats HOT.

If your booked or looking to book The Henry Clay I have the insight on what color scheme, and design elements go great in our space.


Velvet- always trending in my mind, and should you want to go this route at Henry Clay find a warm color to go with our ballrooms. My favorites…..

For our Grand Ballroom I love velvet Blush, Beige, Oatmeal, Rose or Tamarind

(see images below for reference )

For our Beaux Arts Ballroom : All colors above work great but do not be afraid to dive into more moody colors in this space such as Sage, emerald or navy


What to pair it with?

After you find the perfect selection of linen, now you can select your style centerpieces. There are 3 main types of centerpieces : Candles, Flowers, or Greenery

Our space is always the perfect back drop for candle light but lets review some new ways to create this look.

Our space is timeless and so is the use of taper candles. No worries about our open flame policy, there are plenty of flame-less versions online to buy. Take a peak at some stylish versions of the classic candlestick and PLEASE think about using a colored candle!


Not a fan of the flame-less candles, here are some other stunning ways to use candles.

Geometric Gold trim lanterns– Trade in the old black lantern for a fun new mix. Play with an arrangement of different styles to create a cluster centerpiece

Glass Enclosed candlesticks– Solves your problem of not liking the flame-less candle in a stylish way 😉

A Candle Entrance- Wanting to create some suspense, give your guests a dramatic entrance leading into the Ballroom with candles and greenery!


Lets move into flowers, now I am NO florist but I have seen my fair share of centerpieces and bouquets.   I have rounded up some inspiration pictures that incorporate what I am loving and will still give you that classical feel to tie into our historic space. Usage of foliage and wildflowers , a less conformed and more freeing version of arrangements.  Orchids, oh where do i start. Pairing these with a garden rose is perfection. Tulips- Tall or short, pink or white, all the same stunner option!


Lastly Greenery, but not in the normal green garland kind of way. We love lush and tall greenery centerpieces. Also Pampas Grass….. Before you say NO take a peak at some sophisticated approaches to incorporating this, it may just change your mind


Now how can we put this all together you ask? Take a peak at my sample combos below, feel free to leave your comment!

Combo 1- are you Modern and whimsical

Combo 2- are you gem toned + playful

Combo 3- are you organic + lush


Combo 4- Are you Romantic + Rustic

Combo 5- Are you sophisticated + Classic

That’s all for today but looking to be back in a couple months to chat winter, and how you can warm up your guests! Just a reminder, this blog is here for you so feel free to leave a comment with what you want to hear from us.

Until next post <3

Refreshing Trends


Good Afternoon all you brides-to-be and readers!

We are in the heat of the Summer which just so happens to be a BIG Wedding season, so we thought we would make sure everyone is staying cool with some refreshing trends !

As we all know, nothing spruces up a wedding better then fun cocktails and delightful treats. So lets take a peak at some of my favorite menu items for the summer season and ways to add a little something extra

MOBILE BARS: While couples signature cocktails have been around for awhile we are really loving a new spin on the cocktail scene with Mobile Bars. Having those cheers on wheels is just giving us that little something extra we are wanting to see this season. Check out a couple vendor friends we love and no matter where you are deciding to WED there is always a way to add this fun feel. AND to all those tying the knot indoors and can’t add a bar on wheels, dont sweat it because we have a couple other fun twists on what can dress up your bar!

VENDORS WE ARE LOVING : Polo Bar {} | Blackbeard Expresso | The Aero Bar {}

Need other ideas for your Bar:

Seasonal Cocktails:  { Prosecco Bar | Champagne Bar| Craft Beer Passing | Margarita Bar | Sangria Bar }



CASUAL GOURMET: When it comes to food, sometimes we like to trade in those plated dinners for a more interactive style. We are loving all of the gourmet casual food options, especially this play on a Taco Bar or these sorbet cones! No matter what you love to eat there is always a way to dress it up to fit your special day.



Whats better then ending the night with a cool and tasty treat to leave your guests full and happy! Of course we have been seeing the Donut Bars everywhere so whats next in line ? Is it the year of the Popsicle or is it Dessert Cocktails ? I loved finding inspiration on how to combine those refreshments with a little bite 🙂



Now that everyone’s Thirsty……. lets start planning!

2018 Wedding Trend Watch

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Hey there all you Wedding enthusiasts! Thanks for stopping by the HC Blog to check out all the 2018 trends. The year is flying by and we are already into February so lets chat design! We could go on and on about what the industry is saying is trending, but we thought… Lets add a little of what we LOVE mixed in with whats Hot for the 2018!



Of course, the 2018 Pantone Color of the year was announced, ultra violet, but do not shy away from all the other shades of purple. Looking to floral’s and galactic for inspiration when selecting the blue and purple hues. We also love catching the stars on the Red carpet to see what color dresses they select and they had a lot to say about 2018 with their selections. Loving those bright yellows and Monte Carlo Reds!

POP– We also love catching the stars on the Red carpet to see what color dresses they select and they had a lot to say about 2018 with their selections. Loving those bright yellows and Monte Carlo Reds!

And that’s right Neon is back in action and in more ways then just color. Do not let a little Neon color scare you, and let it put a blast in your day

Rose Gold– still around and staying through spring, that rose gold has found new ways to make an appearance whether its linens, flatware, or your hair its finding its making a subtle statement.


So what to look at for inspiration, welp look at it all! Movies, Fashion, interior design, but know the Wedding Industry has a great way of capturing the trends before they are even trends. Keep your eye out on the trending reports, but here is what we have seen;

Celestial: There is a great increase of Sci Fi movies being released this quarter and we cant help but notice the trends are pulling some pieces from these flicks. Looking at Galactic design to pull those colors and the patterns. Science is IN and you heard it here first so all those SCI FI junkies its your time to shine!

Floral PrintsStill seeing a great number of floral patterns making their way through the season, but with a Glamorous twist. Seeing a lot of Allusion gowns with floral lace and a Avante Garde approach.

Sleek + ModernThe Sleek style is making its way on the fore front and we are loving it, between the hair styles and large Bowed dresses here is a couple of our top picks and how to incorporate this look


Neon: We had are heading back to the 90’s on this one and can not wait to fully enjoy this. With neon signs to glow on your invitation its creating such a Fun ambiance for a less formal affair.

Geometric Shapes: We know this has been seen in lanterns and centerpieces in 2017,  but as great trends always do its reinventing itself and we are seeing more circle shapes and geo used in signage, ceremony, plates, etc. Check out a couple of these images and think about what shape you love the most!

So there it is ladies and Gentleman our favorite MUST SEE elements for 2018. While we could spend another 3 hours listing ALL of what we love this seems to be a good summary to start with, and who knows we may be back after Spring for another round, Hint Hint.

Until Next Time Readers

Christmas Cheer spread for All to hear

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Have we told you how much we LOVE Christmas? Well if you did not know before you will definitely know after our blog! Such a cheerful time of the year when we can all grab our loved ones and head out to all the holiday events! But what if you are hosting one? Are you planning a dinner party, Winter Wedding, Christmas at your house? Well look no further because we have some great pics for incorporating that Holiday Cheer and trend in your event!

  1. Plaid- We know you have been walking the aisles of target and HomeGoods seeing all the new plaid accessories, so add this element to a napkin. BRIDES- get the Bride and Groom napkin monogrammed to add that personal touch

2. Greenery – What a cost effective way to not only bring the christmas aroma but spruce up the table top. Head to Trader joes or your local tree shop and grab some fresh pine and greenery to add

BRIDES- think about creating a Wreath as a backdrop with a sweet saying on it, and also your Table Numbers- check our these hanging numbers with greenery



3. Go Green- Dress yourself in items that bring that Holiday feel, if you look festive so will your party!

BRIDES- dont be afraid to add the POP with some fun festive shoes, or a delicate hair piece

4. Cutting Boards- Take a second to look around your kitchen and see what elements or items you have. Use those pieces and add a quick note, menu , or saying to bring that extra detail and have a homey feel to your party

BRIDES- Think about what signage you want to incorporate in your day. Do you have a Bar Menu, Thank you Note, After Party ? Then look into adding that note to a unique product or item , like Cutting Boards!

5. Festive PaperGoods- Personalize your paper goods with a portrait, hand painted , or monogram.

BRIDES: Incorporate this in your wedding suite!

6. Favors: Looking for a fun take away guests can leave with? Think about all the fun things that come along with Christmas and Gathering!

BRIDES: Guests love leaving with a keepsake , so use this as an opportunity to create something that will last forever as a memory to your special day!


We hope you enjoyed some of our picks! Stick around for our new post on How to ring in the New Year in style.

Holiday Gift Guide

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Hey there all your cozy readers, hope your snuggled on the couch with a fire blazing, some hot apple cider and a your laptop starting your holiday shopping. That’s exactly what we were doing when we decided we couldn’t find any Holiday Guides for our shopping brides… so guess what we did? That’s right folks its the Winter Wedding Gift Guide. A Shopping guide for all those special people that said YES to being a part of your special day. Its the what, who, + when of gifting both local and online shopping. Toss aside the traditional gifts and head into the season with the biggest trends and finds this year!




1. Agate Bottle opener: Anthropology 2. Bridesmaid Socks: Etsy- The Mint Orchid 3. KY Bride Tshirt/Coffee Mug: Kentucky Bride 4. Bridal Party Flannel: 5. Rose Gold Wine Tumbler: The white Invite 6. Power Up Tassel Key Chain: Mark & Graham 7. Bridesmaid Must Have Box: POPSUGAR 






1. Groomsman Collection: Marigold & Grey  2. Ivory Ceramic Flask: Misc. Goods Co

3. Leather State Coasters: Clayton & Crume 4. Metal Tumbler: Shutterfly

5. Personalized Cufflinks: Etsy Tesoro Jewlery 6.Holiday Cocktail Mixer: Gents 

Falling In Place

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Its Fall Ya’ll ! What do you love most about this time of year?

Gathering comes to mind for me! With all the festivities that happen October through December they all seem to be wrapped around sharing a meal and gathering together in celebration and gratitude. Such grateful hearts joining in one room/table. Everything Falls right into place. Speaking of place…. We love a good place setting. Every small detail that finds a home and heart to reach. So lets chat about what is trending for Fall table scapes.

  1. Florals: while floral’s are always a go-to for the best table topper, this year we are seeing changes in colored/textured vases everything from stone, black, concrete, to hammered copper. Search your local peddlers mall to find some vintage or second hand and don’t be afraid of a little spray paint!
  2. Candles : We love ourselves some candle lite, but this time switch the white sticks for a pop of color, whether its taupe or burgundy you can swing by World Market , Target, or even HomeGoods and find these sweet additions.
  3. Flatware: We have seen such a wonderful new selection of flatware and we are in fork heaven! Find a theme for your party,event, or wedding and try and match the tone with your rentals . Don’t be afraid to add BLACK.  Here are Some links to websites with the hottest and newest items:
  4. Textiles/Fabric: One thing that truly will help create your table scene is the fabrics you select. We are seeing a lot of Plaids, Velvet, Chunky Knit and always linen this year. One great way to incorporate these textures besides just by a  table linen is using blankets, rugs, and/or scarfs. throw these items on the chairs, stools, or table top to add dimension and texture
  5. Nix the flowers and for a cheaper cost option go to your local food market and snag some seasonal fruits or vegetables that add some fall color tones .
  6. Find earthy and natural elements to add on the plate with a hand made menu card or name card ie Leaf, twig, fruit, stones etc.

So let everything Fall into place on your table and check out some more inspiration pictures below !

Creating Comfort


Hey There all you followers!

Staying warm? We are heading into winter faster then we all may want and I can not stop searching  Southern comfort meals and fall flavored candles on Pinterest. There is just something about the little warm aromas that make this season so enjoyable. From the PSL at Starbucks to the Pumpkin everything at Trader Joes, its all giving us the feeling of sweet and pure happiness. This got me thinking, how can my brides create this same comfort in their special day? I mean if we love the sound of pumpkin bread and caramel apples, how can we transition those cravings into a more formal affair? If we all Love the comfort why would we not want that on the most special day ?

Its Simple! Create the comfort by adding those southern classics into your Food & Beverage! I know you have heard this before…. but we have some great ideas and suggestions on how to keep you up to date with all the trends in Weddings while staying unique.

Photo Cred: The Talking Kitchen       The Candid Apetite    Jose Villa/Martha Stewart Weddings

From start to finish find fun and comforting foods that fill the air with those fall aromas you dream about all year

  1. Try These Appetizers:  Fried Mac and Cheese bites with Truffle Salt, Butternut Squash Soup with Grilled Cheese Bites, Fried Chicken + Biscuits with Maple Jam
  2. Leave your guests with a full stomach and lasting impression with these fun                                      Food/Drink pairing Late Night Snacks: Cinnamon Donut Fritters with Hot Apple Cider ,  Sweet Potato Fries with marshmallow dipping sauce + Pumpkin Beer, Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels with Harvest Shandy Beer Cocktail.
  3. Set the Bar and add a signature cocktail that knocks their socks off with fall flavors ,                       Try These: Bourbon Maple Leaf , Apple Pie Moscow Mule, Apple Cider Bellini, Honey Winter Bourbon Cocktail.
  4. Go unconventional and incorporate your favorite food truck or Food Bar – Have them only serve or display their fall flavored menu items!- Donut Truck, Taco truck, Pizza Truck  FALL TRUCK!

Some more fun and unique ways to create comfort:

  1. Scarfs for Bridesmaid Gifts
  2. Have comfortable seating, either couches for ceremony or lounge area in Reception and Add some Family Style seating and service to the Reception.
  3. Lots of Candles, you can never feel cold and out of place by candle light!
  4. Instead of a jacket, Grab a Blanket
  5. Throw a pillow on it… Pillows always warm a place up
  6. Dress up your table top with cozy fabrics/textiles – Use velvets, fur and chunky knit !

Until Next time, stay cozy and keep planning

Planning for Perfection

Hey there all you DIY brides!We are sitting here on a gloomy afternoon just trying to think of how we can help you plan for perfection. The moment we started thinking, guess what popped up on our IG? Our fabulous friends over at Weekend Wedding Warriors partnered up with Riley + Ko to bring you a free Bride checklist. Oh how our vendor friends are so wonderful. here’s the link:

This got me thinking even further. How else can we help our brides plan? What are our brides looking for , what help do they need, what do they want to see the most of ? So many questions and so little answer so, “help us help you” and comment on our post with what you would like to see and how we can help you. We want your BIG day to be planned to perfection so whether you need help with vendor connection, inspiration on design, or merely just some good old fashion wedding advise we are willing to be there for you. Oh and did we mention if your looking for a day of coordinator Weekend Wedding Warriors are always a top pick! They know how to execute your plans and dream up a seamless day!

Until next time,

A Southern Welcome


Sundays are the new Saturday!


Hi Everyone,

Thanks for swinging by ! I want to dive right into our blog today and ask one question, Why not Sunday?

I know, I know… They have work Monday, who wants a Sunday wedding , what about travel and out of town guests. The list goes on and on … But what if I were to tell you all the wonderful perks about Sunday weddings!

Here we go. First, secrets out, select a Sunday on a holiday weekend. Memorial Day, Labor Day weekend, Fourth of July, etc.

Second take the time to create a weekend long itinerary for your guests, Those who come in town might as well make this a vacation and enjoy everything our city has to offer. The Henry Clay is located within walking distance to some of the best Louisville has to offer, from its Bourbon experience, Culinary tastes to its local artist attraction and historic presence. So whats my proposition? A Sunday Brunch Wedding! We offer great reduced rates, full package offerings, and as low as $99 hotel rates at Hilton garden Inn.

So what are you waiting for, our Sunday complete package offers not only a A La Cart rental rate option,  event companion, sample weekend itineraries for guests, design concep , AND sample menus ! We even have a Pinterest Board waiting for you to get inspired:

We have pretty much planned your wedding for you and just waiting on your call.

Email us at events@weylandventures for more information and our package will pop up in your inbox!